Meanwhile, in Lumaville... 

I recently repatriated to Lumaville in Sonoma County, CA, where I made my first forays into media as a paperboy, delivering the same newspaper that would eventually hire me for my first full-time writing gig. I’ve either come-full-circle or am stuck in an enormous rut, treading a rat wheel I mistook for a career.

But it's had an upside. Lumaville – its weird people and bizarro environs – is the inspiration for Quantum Deadlinethe first foray into an epic newspaperman-turned-detective series I'm presently serializing.

And YOU, darling reader, are a mere moments away from receiving (for free!) 1977, the skeleton key that explains the backstory between physicist Annika Strang, tech playboy Cameron Block and your humble narrator. 1977 is also a love letter to Generation X as seen through the bifocal lens of a Star Wars and Annie Hall, which were released the same fateful year. It had an effect on at least one 5-year-old at the time... The eBook comes in three flavors (all included). EPUB for Nook, iBooks. Kobo, etc. and MOBI for Kindle.

I also blog about creative culture and related intrigues and curate these curios and others into an occasional dispatch, which you will also receive for free.
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